Making an Impression on LinkedIn – Your Best Chance

Do you remember the old saying, “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression?” Turns out, it’s true. Even on LinkedIn!

Studies show that seven seconds is all you get to make a favorable impression and worse of all, those same studies reveal first impressions rarely change. The good news is a great one lasts forever, so wowing your future employer or next best client can start today, beginning with your smile on your LinkedIn profile.

To make the best impression possible, make sure your photo is:

✅ Professional quality

✅ A headshot or taken from the waist up.

✅ Of how you dress for work.

✅ Of you alone, meaning no infringing shoulders, pets, or people lurking in the bushes.

✅ Set before an unobtrusive, preferably plain background and while strong colors add interest, be sure they don’t clash with your clothing or banner.

✅ Of you smiling, which, by the way, is the most important tip of all.

Overall, you need to convey professionalism but should also appear approachable and friendly. I mean, really, which of these two enthusiastic investment specialists would you call to handle your finances? Just what I thought. Case closed!