Lynne West-

I became a writer because I love stories, other people's that is. To me, nothing is more intoxicating than wrapping myself in a hero's journey, whether it's one of my fictional characters or  ... well, you!

I'm passionate about helping people succeed. It's why I combined my love for relationship building and fiction and began career coaching and writing LinkedIn profiles and résumés.

In addition to job seekers, I’ve helped 80+ organizations optimize their LinkedIn company pages and Executives’ personal profiles, including Adore Agency, The People Brand, and High-Rise Advertising. I also conduct workshops with schools and other educational institutions, Royal Roads University and Camosun College, to name a few.

If you are seeking your next best career or are an entrepreneur or a principal at a small to mid-size company who is looking to get noticed online with customers, contact me today at westwriter.today@gmail to see how I can make it happen for you.

Lynne West CCS CertificateLynne West CRS Certificate