Hundreds of applications cross a recruiter's desk, so how do you differentiate your résumé and LinkedIn profile from the rest of your competitors?

Are you confident your communication skills, tools, and actions will satisfy what all recruiters are looking for as in, “Why should I hire YOU?”

Because +80% of employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) these days to pre-screen résumés, are you confident those computerized software programs can read yours?

Vital also to your job search is the quality of your LinkedIn profile. Studies show 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and screen talent, so what will they see when they get to yours, if, indeed, they are able find you.

Each of my career coaching offerings begins with a discovery call to zero in on your unique value proposition that ultimately turns your laundry list of duties into a robust, results-based inventory of skills and accomplishments. It not only highlights what you've done but proves you did them exceptionally well.


The objective of a résumé is to get an interview. It is a concise document created with a specific job target in mind and customized to target every job you apply for. Because companies use a combination of computerized screening software and shrewd recruiters to narrow the applicant pool, I will coach you to create a resume that is well-written, targeted, and visually appealing. It also includes relevant keywords and criteria to match the job description that altogether, keeps yours out of the rejection pile.


Coaching Packages Start at $395
(prices vary by Junior, Mid-Level, and Executive-Level Positions)

  • One-hour, in-depth exploration to reveal your unique abilities, values, and goals.
  • Branded ATS Optimized résumé in .docx and PDF formats.
  • Branded, high-quality, full-colour networking resume in PDF format.
  • "Beyond the Résumé" tip sheets to get you hired.

Résumé Samples

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The best way to get on a recruiter's radar is through your robust and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enriched LinkedIn profile. It's where you network and highlight your skills, experience, and abilities. It's also where you tell your career story, which often determines your cultural fit within an organization.

Studies show 90% of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting either by itself or in concert with your application and résumé. Because recruiters look at your competition's profiles as well, you need to ask yourself:

  • Can a recruiter find me?
  • What will they see when they do?

I will ensure your profile has what it takes to attract a recruiter and that it fully represents your career brand.

LinkedIn Package

Coaching Packages Start at $395
(Varies by Junior, Mid-Level and Executive-Level positions and number of Experience sections included)

  • One-hour, in-depth exploration to reveal your unique abilities, values, and goals.
  • SEO optimized and keyword-rich LinkedIn profile, incorporating your:
    - Headline, i.e. Your Value Proposition.
    - About Section – Your "Why" Story.
    - Two Experience Sections – Your Career Journey.
  • LinkedIn networking success tips.
  • "Beyond the Résumé" – Tip sheets to get you hired


Your résumé and your LinkedIn profile play a vital role in getting hired. Your résumé is your submission document while your LinkedIn profile establishes your online brand and is your networking tool to connect with colleagues, companies, recruiters, and other professionals.

Résumés and LinkedIn are meant to complement one another. When combined, they complete the story of who you are both professionally and personally – crucial to a recruiter establishing your competence and your ability to fit the organization's culture.

Recruiters report a frequent reason for discounting an applicant is the inconsistencies between their résumé, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile. When developing your complete career package, I ensure everything from your name to your employment dates matches and that everything in-between is impeccable.

Personalized LinkedIn and Résumé Critiques


  • Solid advice and take-away reference tips and tricks.

Crafting Your Career Masterpiece - The Complete Career-Builder Workshop


  • Four one-on-one sessions that include:
  • An in-depth exploration to reveal your unique abilities, values, and goals.
  • The ABC's of resume writing & developing SMART accomplishment statements.
  • LinkedIn profile optimization to solidify your professional credibility and show your human side.
  • Finding and attracting hiring managers through effective networking.

Did you know 92% of adults fear something about interviews? Preparation and practice are the number one way to shove fear out of the way so you can rock your next interview.

Interviewing Bootcamp


  • My interview bootcamp helps you:
    - Learn about the most frequently used interviewing techniques
    - Unpack the top ten most asked interview questions
    - Develop a list of most likely topics for your interview
    - Address your audience
    - Get comfortable with mock Interviews, feedback, and success tips

Branded LinkedIn Banner


  • Make the most out of the biggest piece of visual real estate on your LinkedIn profile with a branded LinkedIn banner.

Branded Digital Accomplishment Video


  • Add an accomplishment video to the Featured section of your LinkedIn profile. It adds color and interest. Because it sets you apart, you'll also catch the eye of a busy client or potential employer who you only have a minute or less to impress
  • * Available to existing LinkedIn or Resume clients