LinkedIn? Resumes? Either/Or? Both?

In my work line, I get asked a lot of career-centered questions, and this one comes up time and again: Do I really need a résumé if I have a robust LinkedIn profile?

The short answer? Yes. Yes, you do.

It’s not a matter of either/or, or if one delivers a bigger punch; résumés and LinkedIn are like the old “Love and Marriage” song; you can’t have one without the other. They’re meant to complement one another and, when combined, complete the story of who you are, both professionally and personally.

Why is this important? Because recruiters do look at both (and in no particular order) to, not only determine what you’ve accomplished but whether you’re a cultural fit for their organization.

To understand this better, let’s look at the purpose and character of each.

A résumé’s primary function is to screen and compare candidates to get the best match to a particular job posting.

A brief, accomplishment based, and keyword-optimized résumé helps you get on a short-list. It tells a recruiter that you’re capable of and qualified to do the job. What’s missing, however, is whether you’re a cultural fit.

This is where LinkedIn factors into the equation and why you need to leverage the different way it is viewed to help you stand out above your competition.

Your LinkedIn profile paints the bigger picture, adding color and personality. It needs to show who you are and not merely what you do so that it provides a personal connection and insight to your values, integrity, and interests while offering clues about your ability to fit with the organization’s corporate culture.

LinkedIn do’s and don’ts:

📌 Keep it friendly, personal, and inviting. Use a conversational tone, told in the first person to humanize you.

📌 Do not tailor it to a specific job; write it to the audience you want to attract.

📌 Include social proof like testimonials and endorsements.

📌 NEVER (never, ever) paste your résumé into your profile; you could be labeled as lazy and, worse, cause a recruiter to bypass you for a more imaginative and culturally suited competitor.

In summary:

✪ It’s not one or the other – it’s both – don’t mix up their purposes.

✪ Résumés are meant to filter and compare and get you on a shortlist.

✪ LinkedIn tells the bigger story – make sure yours is compelling.