A Logical Way to Find High-Value Connections on LinkedIn

Are you job hunting and looking to connect with high-value people online? LinkedIn makes it easy for you to impress them and make friends with them, but you have to find them first.

Fortunately, LinkedIn’s Search function makes it easy to find people in all industries, in all capacities, and in all countries around the world. Filters help you refine the search even further, allowing you to zoom in on titles, Company names, schools, and the names of individuals who can help you in your job search.

Have you heard of Boolean logic? It’s an algebraic operator centered on three words: “Or,” “And,” and “Not.” The idea of Boolean logic is that all values are either true or false. Don’t be intimidated by the math terms; using these variables can help you reduce your search returns exponentially.

Here’s an example of using Boolean filters in your search. Perhaps you want to make friends with the leaders of a major Canadian airline who work at the company’s Montreal head office.

After initiating your People search from the Home menu, tap “All Filters” to populate a mask that you simply fill in. Scroll down to Locations and add “Montreal.”

Continue scrolling to the Keywords section, type Air Canada into the Company box and use any of these three combinations below to find the person or persons you’re looking for:

📌 CEO OR PRESIDENT – Gives you the names of all people who are a CEO or a President

📌 CEO AND PRESIDENT – Gives you the names of all people who are both the CEO and President

📌 CEO NOT PRESIDENT – Gives you the name of the CEO who is not the President.

By the way, you need to use all CAPS!

Easy, right!

The best way to learn Search & Filters is to jump right in. Click the visual to see how to get started.